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Going crazy trying to keep track of all your logins?  Use the free downloadable login template to organize all your website logins.


Every day there are a million things to remember for your personal and work life: people you've met, things to do, companies, projects, notes, logins and a hundred other random items. Until now, no company has attempted to create an organizer that can solve all this disparate needs; an organizer that is both easy to use and powerful.

At FastOrganizer, we feel that a personal organizer should fit like a glove. It should be custom fit just for you. It should be elegant and intuitive and most important it should change as your needs change. How can anyone anticipate what it is that you want to organize? How can any company know what you want to display or group together? What if you change your mind and think of a new way to organize things?

At FastOrganizer we feel that your organizer should be like a part of you; changing and adapting to reflect your way of thinking. FastOrganizer works for you. With FastOrganizer you can customize it now, and then change it again later.


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FastOrganizer 2.13.2

Tip of the Week

How do you import a template (e.g. the login template)? See this week's tip on control import and see just one of the powerful cut, copy and paste capabilities.


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