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Web, E-mail and File Links

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Web url, E-Mail and File Links

Besides storing text data FastOrganizer can also work with external programs.  For example, say that you want to store an e-mail address.  With FastOrganizer you can specify that the field is an e-mail address.  In that case an extra button appears in the window.  By pushing the button, the default e-mail program will automatically launch with the e-mail address pre-populated.

Web addresses (http urls) work the same way.  Any file can also be linked with FastOrganizer.  In that case the user gets browse and open buttons on the window.  Use browse to navigate to file that you want to link.  Use open to launch the appropriate program to view the linked file.  As expected, FastOrganizer can link with pdf's, spreadsheets, word documents, etc.


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